MoisturLok® keeps food moist and fresh-tasting longer.  It has been proven to extend the shelf life of baked goods and other food products by as much as 3 times.  As a result of this extended shelf life, the product has reduced the cost of stale product/spoils for some manufacturers as much as 80%.  

The superior moisture-binding humectant ability of MoisturLok® increases production yields, which has reduced total production costs on select items.  Through unprecedented moisture control, MoisturLok® consistently improves the overall flavor of food, enhances its texture/softness, and very often makes food taste richer than before.   

Additionally, MoisturLok® prevents ice crystallization that tends to dry out frozen food and cause freezer burn.  It makes many baked items microwavable without specialty packaging. MoisturLok® makes it possible to deliver a warm, “fresh from the oven” eating experience while preventing the toughness, scorching and burning of food that all too often occurs when using a microwave oven.



MoisturLok® is a liquid, carbohydrate-based ingredient formed from fruit juice and dextrin. The combination of mono and disaccharides from fruit juice with select medium-chain dextrin from grain creates a very effective, sweet-tasting ingredient with natural humectancy and low-water activity. MoisturLok® is a patented, all-natural ingredient that contains no artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives.  

Simply add between 1.0%-1.25% MoisturLok® to any formulation based on the total weight of the formulation without MoisturLok®.

MoisturLok® is GRAS and Non-GMO.  It is “made from real fruit juice”, gluten-free and contains no MSG or corn.  It is Kosher and Parve under supervision of the Orthodox Union.

MoisturLok is formerly known as Fruitrim.

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